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32mm Round Snow bases x10

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32mm-round-snow-bases-x10 These are the normal size bases for Heros and larger monster figures. These can be used to base a large owlbear for D&D or for an Imperial Army commander

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32mm Round Snow bases x10

Highly detailed 32mm bases. This set is of ready to go bases are ideal for anyone looking to base their warband and do it  quickly . Also to give them a little extra pop once on they are on the gaming table.


These excellent grassland bases and will fit well to all your of  Winter Table.

They look good for  all genres from fantasy , Ancients , Romans in Gaul , Dark ages , Knights of Old  and WW2 . All the way into the  future fighting Xeno warriors in a never ending war .

These bases are supplied ready made and you will be able to apply your miniature directly to them.  No one base is supplied looking the same so each figure will look individual.


standard Pack Size  10 x random mix.

This product is made from high-quality products. We suggest once you have mounted your painted figure that you give the figure and your base a spray of Matt Varnish to help protect from day to day use.

These  handmade bases are made to a high specification.  We use the best products available to wargamers and Diorama modelers.

As they are individually hand made no one is alike so adding to your visual  . These these are ideal for small Skirmish warbands. They are also great for units that have casualties removed.

The 32mm MDF bases fit nicely into our ready made MDF movement trays as well so if you want to match them up check out as well so you can use your forces in multiple games.

If you want something different  feel free to contact us so we can make it for you because we want to help.

32mm Round Snow bases x10

£ 8.00

2 in stock

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