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Crystal Tech – Obelisk

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Crystal Tech Obelisk

The Crypt was dimly lit with the pulsing glyphs from the small Obelisk. Liberian Janus of the Emperors Tears knew that the tomb was about to come alive  with the immortal robot scum that laid here. He called to the Emperor to protect pulled the plasma grenade and threw it towards the throne in front of him …”

The Crystal Tech Obelisk is made from a 3 part resin kit. Looks good on any sci-Fi tabletop. Ideal for scatter terrain for the 41st millennium  and to give you that +1 on your armour save when the undead come back.  

Will go perfect with the Crystal Tech- Energetic Vault

Fits to our Crystal Tech miniatures basesCopy to a new draft
Height: 100mm
Diameter ground plate : 120mm

Check out our how to page for the best results for building and Painting resin  . How Too



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Crystal Tech obelisk for table top wand wargaming

Crystal Tech – Obelisk

£ 18.00

1 in stock

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