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Cyber Bunker,

Colonel Tanith looked through his magnifiers all along the perimeter of the hub was guarded  by many bunkers it seems that the orbital bombardment had not had any effect on them  . He got on the Vox and called into the heavy artillery. He thought well if the basilisk didn’t dent these bunkers I’m going to lose half my regiment taking them. As the first shell crashed in a few bits of crystal was chipped off the first bunker…”

The Bunker is made from 3mm MDF, easy to put together and looks great on the tabletop. Great scenery to use with 40K, Infinity and 28-35mm wargames. Model supplied unpainted and will require assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results.

Any models shown in the photos are for scale only and not included.


Check out our how to page for the best results for building and Painting MDF . How Too


Instructions can be found here to build this amazing Cyber Bunker  kit. How to Build 

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Cyber Bunker


£ 13.25

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