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Elf Light Infantry Sprue

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Elf Light Infantry Sprue



Elf Light Infantry Sprue Plastic 28mm sized Elves. They are designed to be used in the Fantasy Mass Battle game Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age from Osprey Games.

If you love Oathmark like me then you will love these figures. These are a most have for all fans Elf’s. Ideal to fill up your army numbers  when you don’t need a whole box.

This Oathmark Elf Light Infantry  set contains enough parts for you to build 5 Elven Light Infantry. We provide you with enough weapon options to make them all hand weapon and shield, all archers or any combination.  Each frame also contains a standard bearer and officer option.

a standard/ officer each!

Box also contains 5 plastic bases, 25mm square, manufactured by Renedra.


Check out these links for a review.


Check out this link for a how to 

Painted Figures are by Ian Craig  follow him on Instagram at @ianrobertcraig


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Oathmark Elf Light Infantry Sprue

Elf Light Infantry Sprue

£ 3.95

1 in stock

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