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Oathmark Sabot 3 Rank Movement Tray

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Oathmark Sabot 3 Rank Movement Tray

Have oldhammer figures on 20mm bases ? Don’t want to rebase them for Oathmark . Well here is your answer. This excellent bit of kit will have you playing with the correct frontage in no time at all

A 125mm wide tray designed to hold five figures on 20mm x 20mm square bases effectively converting them to be on 25mm x 25mm square bases – so perfect for use with games such as Oathmark.

Each space is 20.5mm x 20.5mm allowing a little ‘wiggle room’ for figures where the bases aren’t quite square.

This tray has an additional space at the back to hold any tokens associated with the unit.

Precision cut from 2mm MDF

Check out our how to page for the best results for the Oathmark Sabot 3 rank Movement Tray. How Too



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