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Spider Swarm

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Spider swarm

The set contains 7x parts made of resin. These can be used to decorate terrain or bases or together they represent a large swarm of spiders. All parts together fill the top of 2x 40mm round bases. Scale: 28-30mm

A spider swarm is great for Forstgrave , D&D 5e or using to make your AoS bases really Pop.

Among solitary spiders, swarms of spiders are rare. However spider hatchlings congregate into swarms for a short time before they grow old enough to survive alone. Other swarms may be ordinary adult spiders controlled by an outside influence.Spider swarms are mindless, swarming around their foes and relying on weight of numbers to bring down their foes.

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spider swarm

Spider Swarm

£ 7.00

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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