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Stargrave Crew

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Stargrave Crew.

Stargrave Crew . No matter their home planet, background, role, or motives for roaming the dead stars, anyone signed up to an independent crew is going to be tough, ruthless, and dangerous. You don’t stay one step ahead of the pirate fleets – or your competitors – if you’re not…

This boxed set offers enough parts to build 20 lightly equipped characters for Stargrave, ideal for use in independent crews or as members of the pirate fleets hunting them down. While this kit includes a range of weaponry and a mix of alien and human heads, even more variety can be achieved by mixing in components from other Stargrave boxed sets.

There’s enough versatility in this box to build many of the crew options in the Stargrave book and the figures look appealingly old school. There are influences from existing sci-fi worlds in their design; we can see Star Wars in parts, particularly some of the alien heads, while Star Trek is there in the more utilitarian accessories, but the melange of these and more makes for a quite unique Stargrave style in the end.

Set up your Crew first then build your crew with this excellent Box set. These figures fit with all the other kits available for Stargrave. So if you love Kitbashing your figures these are ideal because they also fit with every other Northstar plastic kit.

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Stargrave Crew

Stargrave Crew

£ 20.00

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