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What’s on the Table ?Oathmark

So new year new project. I am a historical gamer by nature and have been most of my wargaming past. I did play a lot of RPG when I was a teenager lots of AD&D . Last year was an odd year and gaming was hard to do. I spent time trying online gaming and then found myself back playing 5e D&D and really enjoying it. So ended the first lockdown and we life started up again. That’s when I found Rangers of The Shadow Deep through a Podcast.

I checked it out on the old YouTube and thought that’s like D&D but skirmish and on the tabletop. Bought it played using some of my Samurai no need to buy new figures…( I know right ) and so it went. We played quite a few campaigns with another new favorite of mine the excellent Burrows and Badgers from Oathsworn. I got into painting their amazing figures and building warbands ..

Lockdown Part Duex:

Then the second lockdown gaming was hard everyone I knew was home trying to play solo rules. Which Rangers of The Shadow Deep is excellent for or using the online battle simulators I never bothered with. I played Burrows using Roll20 and it worked fine & carried on with 5eD&D and then it was level 3 this or 4 that still stay at home keep everyone safe ( I agree with this 100% by the way)

Then to Lockdown 3 . I was sitting thinking I want to play a great game maybe a skirmish game a bit like Rangers. So I looked at Kings of War Vanguard got on YouTube watched a bit thought yeah that will work for me. Purchased the rules and some other bits and then thought what figures do I get maybe I want to play KoW Ed 3 there is a lot of guys playing it at my club and played a great multiplayer game over a Sunday using Ed2 . I have my Samurai I can use them to make a kingdom of men with some Sabot movement trays.

I watched some battle reports and looked at some other stuff and started to think hmmm maybe not that’s a silly amount of dice throwing and it leaned into competitive play a bit much for my taste. And then a Oathmark battle report came up after I left a KoW playing to the end. It just happened to be the Warcorgi channel

Oathmark my new project:

I watched the first one then the second and wow I thought hang on this looks slick. Its written by the same guy that did Rangers and I loved that. Need to get the rules and check them out… So that rabbit hole opened and in I dived. So in grand wargaming tradition and not having any fantasy figures I jumped in with both feet 200 plus elves later , Giants , dragons, 100 Medieval Perry Minis for my human allies I’m on a mission. Using our ready made bases to add life to my wargaming standard painting ability’s has really made the models I have done so far pop.


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